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Will your car keep you cool?

May 26, 2016

      As the temperatures are getting warmer outside, you may be tempted to turn on your air-  conditioning in your car. Is your car up to the task of keeping you at a comfortable temperature?
 If you car is getting older, it may not keep you as cool as it use to. It may not even work at all. 

Here are a few basic things you can do before bringing it to a certified repair facility.

1. Check the belt. Some cars have a separate belt for the air- conditioning and it may have broken and fell off in the winter months. Replacing the belt could  restore your air-conditioning to a good working condition.

2. Check you cabin air filter. Most newer cars now have a filter that filters all that dirty air that comes inside your car. Many times it can get plugged with dirt and leaves and can reduce the air flow coming out of your vents and not keep you as cool as it use to. Check your owners manual to see if your car is equipped with this. 

3. Clean your condenser. It is located in front of your radiator and can play a major roll in keeping your air- conditioning temps cool. Many times the fins will get plugged from dirt, leaves and even garbage from the road. Take your garden hose and give it a good water spray. You will be amazed at the dirt you will see being washed away.

    Some people may be tempted to go to the local discount auto parts store and buy a can of refrigerant and put it in the air conditioning system thinking  the system is low. Don’t do it! You can actually cause damage to your car. Many of the do it yourself air- conditioning cans contain a sealant. The sealant is actually very bad  for your system and can damage it. Another problem is you really don’t know how much to put in. If you over recharge your car, you can damage the compressor and that repair can be expensive.

    The professional shops use a special machine that hooks up to your car. It will recover the refrigerant, recycle it and then reinstall the exact amount back into your car to get your car’s air- conditioning working like it should. They can also monitor the pressure of the system and note if it is functioning as designed. Parts do wear and malfunction which will cause the air- conditioning not to blow cold air.  A fluorescent dye should also be added to the the system when it is serviced.  If you have a small leak, the special tracer dye helps to locate the leak so it can be repaired. 

     Auto lab of Troy has the equipment and the experienced certified technicians to fix your cars air- conditioning and keep you cool on those hot summer days. Located at 2790 W. Maple Rd. 1 block east of Coolidge. Call today and make an appointment at 248-643-7690

Mark Stull
A.S.E. Master Certified  Technician